Bengaluru authorities crack down on SUPs

Representational photo by Tanvi Sharma on Unsplash

In the previous ten days, Bengaluru civic authorities (BBMP) have clamped down on the sale of single-use plastic in eight zones and seized 1.380.8 kg of plastic. It has collected almost Rs. 5,97,800 in fines. Up to 990 cases have been booked. The BBMP’s solid waste management department has placed BBMP marshals and health inspectors in each of the eight zones to patrol markets, stores, and godowns.

The public has been urged to avoid using plastic carry bags and covers and use bags made of cloth, jute, or paper. According to the BBMP, 203 cases were reported, 88.3 kg of plastic was seized, and Rs. 1,07,500 in fines were paid in the East Zone. In the West Zone, 255 cases were reported, while 631 kg of plastic was seized, and Rs. 1,35,800 was collected as fine, reports The New Indian Express.

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