Bhubaneswar civic body announces sharp increase in allocations for SWM in budget

The Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proposed a budget of Rs 600 crore, with Rs 110 crore budgeted for waste management, which is more than a two-field increase in five years.

The BMC has set aside funds for the management of micro-composting centres (MCCs), Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), mechanical sweeping, SBM, waste transport and other expenses towards SWM.

The BMC had allotted Rs 45 crore for waste management in 2017. Rs 20 crore has been set aside for biomining of waste dumped at Daruthenga, reports The Times of India.

The BMC is able to transport around 40% of the 600 metric tonnes of waste generated daily by the city to micro composting centres, with the remainder dumped in Daruthenga. The BMC anticipates that once all 43 MCCs are functioning, there would be no waste disposal issues at Daruthenga since the BMC will stop hauling waste to the dump yard.

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