Karma Recycling

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Karma Recycling
Business Genre

Karma Recycling is a leading trade-in operator and redistributor of mobile devices in India. Karma's consumer and enterprise software and services solutions help consumers, retailers and OEMs manage large-scale buyback and trade-in programs.

With more than 950 million devices currently in use, India is the third largest mobile devices market in the world, and is rapidly becoming a global nerve center for device commerce, re-commerce, and recycling. Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness and access to convenient services that allow the appropriate disposal of these devices, electronics that could be refurbished, resold or recycled are either sitting in drawers, being wasted, or ending up in landfills.

Founded in 2013, Karma Recycling was born with the philosophy that a useless device for someone can turn into a useful device for someone else. We realised that the e-waste that is negatively impacting our environment could positively be stimulating the economy when we choose to reuse mobile devices. What goes around, comes around.​

971/1 Kapashera,
(opposite Fun n Food Village),
New Delhi 110037