Centre: 29 cases of illegal e-waste import since 2019

Photo by Hafidh Satyanto on Unsplash

On Monday, the Union government informed the Lok Sabha that 29 incidents of illicit e-waste importation have been discovered across the country since 2019. The data was placed by the administration in answer to a question from Congress MP TN Prathapan.

According to the statistics, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra each reported 11 unlawful e-waste detections. In the years 2020-2021, nine cases were reported in Tamil Nadu, while two cases were reported in 2021-2022. (till February).

Maharashtra, on the other hand, had three instances in 2019-2020, one in 2020-2021, and seven in 2021-2022. Uttar Pradesh, for example, saw one incidence in 2019-2020, none in 2020-2021, and one in 2021-2022.

Gujarat has three occurrences of illicit e-waste discovery, with two occurring in 2019-2020 and one occurring in 2021-2022. In 2020-2021, West Bengal recorded two instances. Old and used photocopiers and computer parts were among the unlawful shipments. However, no such incidents were reported in Bengaluru, the country’s IT centre, reports The Indian Express.

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