CSE’s roadmap for making Indian cities garbage-free

Picture Credit: CSE

The CSE has released three new publications: Legacy Waste Management and Dumpsite Remediation, Preparing City Solid Waste Action Plan for Bio-degradable Waste, and Preparing City Solid Waste Action Plan for Non-Biodegradable Waste

The CSE toolkit on legacy waste management offers the following steps in the roadmap:

  • Develop a sustainable solid waste management plan. It should be based on the principles of resource recovery and circular economy while ensuring that no fresh waste finds its way to the dumpsites.
  • Ensure maximum utilization of recovered fractions. Proper stabilization and treatment of legacy waste is critical.
  • Reuse the reclaimed land sustainably on the basis of a comprehensive policy and protocol.
  • Develop standards for gainful use of recovered fractions, to guard against the presence of toxins and contaminants in them.
  • Incentivize management of recovered materials. A sustainable business model needs to be developed for legacy waste businesses.
  • Build capacity of urban departments and their officials.
  • Ensure construction and sustainable operation of sanitary landfills. 

To download the publications, visit CSE’s website.

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