Delhi organizes a campaign to clear C&D waste

Picture credit: by Derzno, CC BY 3.0,

The Najafgarh zone of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has organized a two-day cleanliness drive to dispose of non-hazardous construction waste. The drive will conclude on Sunday.

The civic body has organized the pilot project ‘Malba Spotting Walk’ in collaboration with a non-governmental organization, Malba Project.

Under this campaign, a one-hour walk will be undertaken to scout and lift waste lying in the open, especially in the unauthorized colonies, and dumped at the place identified by the MCD. Along with this, discussions will be held to find possible solutions to the problem of construction and demolition (C&D) waste in the area.

Pradeep Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Najafgarah Zone, said through the initiative, an effort was being made to develop a mechanism for C&D waste management and its proper disposal so that the C&D waste generated in the area can be managed and recycled in a simple way.

He said that under the supervision of the NGO, the debris lying in the open would be collected by a local vendor and dumped at the JE Store Manglapuri in Najafgarh and from there it would be sent to the C&D plant and useful products can be made by recycling the waste.

A large number of local people have supported the cause. To facilitate larger participation in the walk, a Google form has been prepared, which can be easily filled by local residents to join the campaign. The form can also be accessed on the Twitter account, @MCD_Delhi, and the Facebook account of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Nukkad Nataks are also being organised and meetings are being held with various RWAs in the area to make the public aware of the management and disposal of C&D waste.

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