Electronics & IT Ministry releases draft policy paper to address e-waste issues

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India has formulated a policy paper to address wastage in the use of electronics and the electrical sector. The paper titled “Circular Economy in Electronics and Electrical Sector,” focuses on the life cycle of electronics – including stages of raw material acquisition, design, manufacturing/production stage, consumption to end of life (e-waste) management, and secondary raw materials utilization, among other issues.

NITI Aayog had entrusted MeitY with the task of formulating an action plan for the implementation of circular economy principles in the e-waste sector to expedite the focus on CE and ensure the transition of India from a linear to a circular economy. The draft action report on CE has been prepared by MeitY in consultation with subject experts from academicia, industry leaders, government departments.

The Ministry is inviting inputs/ comments/ suggestion on the draft latest by 31st May 2021. Click here for more.

Image Credit: Image by Maria J. from Pixabay

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