SWI Interview: Prabhjot Sodhi On Circular Economy and Waste Management

Over the last four decades, Mr Prabhjot Sodhi has donned several hats in areas related to waste management, circular economy and climate change. Currently, as Senior Program Director at Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Mr Sodhi is focussing his energies on streamlining plastic waste management and recycling.

Earlier this year, Mr Sodhi retired from the UNDP as Head of Circular Economy, a role that saw him instrumental in setting up Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) across the country with private sector partnership. The success of these MRFs was endorsed by the Niti Aayog in its Handbook on Plastic Waste Management. As reported earlier on SWI, the Handbook asserted that the MRF model was essential for ULBs in order to manage plastic waste effectively.

Solid Waste India’s Editor-in-Chief Aafrin Kidwai spoke to Mr Sodhi on India’s journey towards circularity in the waste sector and his experience in setting up MRFs across the country.

Watch the full interview here.

How is India’s journey towards a circular economy unfolding? Mr Sodhi is optimistic about the country’s achievements so far. Watch the interview with Mr Sodhi on Circular Economy

How can MRFs contribute to efficient plastic waste management? Hear Mr Sodhi’s experience in setting up MRFs in India during his years at the UNDP.

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