Geocycle co-processed 2mn tonnes of waste in 2021

Representational Image by Patrick Gantz from Pixabay

Geocycle India, the in-house waste management arm of Ambuja Cements Limited and ACC Limited, has co-processed about 2 million tons of waste and achieved a TSR of 6% in 2021, according to a press release issued by Ambuja Cements.

Ambuja Cements and ACC have six pre-processing and fourteen co-processing facilities where close to 1 million tons of municipal and industrial waste are handled annually.

Ambuja Cements’ plant in Ambujanagar has one of the highest clinker productions in the group at 12,500 tons per day and has been able to achieve a TSR of 7 % in 2021 across all 3 kilns. ACC’s manufacturing unit at Wadi, Karnataka, is one of the largest kilns in the world, producing 14,000 tons of clinker per day. The kiln co-processes more than 600 tons of waste on a daily basis. Wadi co- processes wastes such as plastics and industrial waste, contributing to a TSR of 18% in 2021.

Geocycle, India operates in Goa, Chennai, Noida, Nagpur, Bilaspur, Vishakhapatnam, Trichy, Erode to help manage the RDF generated from both fresh municipal waste and legacy dumps. In 2020, Geocycle India was able to manage close to 5 Lakhs ton of RDF and plastic waste in its various facilities.

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