Gujarat approves five new plants for hazardous waste

The Gujurat state government has granted permission for the development of five new Treatment Stabilization Disposal Facilities (TSDF) for the treatment of hazardous waste. This decision was made, as further reported, against the background that all seven hazardous waste disposal sites in the state were already saturated or about to reach full capacities within 3 to 6 months.

The facilities shall be erected in Khambhat-Anand, Mahisagar, Bharuch-Jambusar and Zagadia and Surendranagar districts and likely help to reduce cost for the industries for coping with hazardous waste.

As further stated in the source, about 3 million tpy of industrial hazardous waste are currently being generated in Gurajat. Of this, about 1 million tpy of landfill industrial waste is currently being sent to TSDFs. The remaining is being disposed of via incineration, recycling or sent to cement works for production purposes.

Picture credit: By Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India – Maganbhai Ninama, a Class IV Karma Yogi in Secretariat belonging to Adivasi community inaugurated Swarnim Sankul 2, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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