Guntur runs waste vehicles on fuel derived from plastic waste

The Guntur Municipal Corporation’s (GMC) project is running at least 100 of its vehicles including dumpers, tractors, mini compactors, and autos on synthetic fuel produced from plastic waste. 

The plant started production three months ago and in the last one month, 8,562 kg plastic waste was used to generate an approximately 5,362 litres of diesel, 886 litres of petrol and 3,108 kg of char. Out of 2,000 litres of fuel required by the Corporation for its vehicles on a daily basis, the plant is providing 600 litres of fuel, reports The New Indian Express.

The fuel is synthesized from industrial plastic waste, which includes containers used in the factories to water bottles thrown on the roads. 

The GMC started this project following the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 with a capital of Rs 1.9 crore, in which 25 percent was contributed by the Swachh Andhra Corporation. The GMC established the plant after trial runs from September 29. The synthetic fuel plant of GMC was nominated for SKOCH Award-2020.

Picture Credit: Photo by Bo de Visser from FreeImages

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