Gurugram: COVID waste generation touching record levels

Waste being collected from a villa in Gurugram

Gurugram generated over 1.7 lakh kg of Covid-related biomedical waste in April, which is the highest since the pandemic began last year. From May 1 to May 13, Gurugram has already generated 1.3 lakh kg of COVID waste.

Biotic, which manages BMW in the city, reported that Gurugram was generating barely 2-3 tonnes of COVID waste daily in 2020. This includes waste generated at healthcare facilities and households with COVID patients.

Biotic claims it is collected the waste in vehicles with separate compartments for the different types of waste. However, according to The Times of India, Biotic is struggling to deal with the unsegregated biomedical waste being handed over by the Gurugram residents, which not only poses disposal problems but is also a hazard for waste workers.

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