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Welcome to our newly (re)launched website, solidwasteindia.com. It promises to be the most authoritative source of news and information that you will find on solid waste management (SWM) in India. This website is designed to be your complete guide to the latest developments related to SWM at the national and state government level, municipalities, private and public sector.

Ever since the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules came into force 19 years ago, India has slowly, but surely, moved towards modern and sustainable waste management practices. Major reforms are currently underway as the government recognises the role of SWM in ensuring the rights of citizens to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar’s recent reiteration that ‘waste management is Swachh Bharat Part 2’, is another reminder of the government’s intentions to prioritise SWM. While there is still a lot more that needs to be done at the ground level, it is evident that state governments, municipalities and other local bodies have made great efforts to implement effective waste management strategies by expanding their waste collection services and technologies. Ambitious waste infrastructure is now available across India in recycling, organic treatment and energy-from-waste.

Solidwasteindia.com is an effort to contribute to the rapidly growing SWM sector through news and information. We have an exhaustive news archive with over 900 news articles on the Indian waste sector published since 2013. This gives the reader a thorough insight into law making, stakeholder participation and projects in the Indian waste business.

The news and information on this site is updated daily by staff based in India. The site is accompanied by a business directory which any organisation active in the waste sector can sign-up free of cost, in order to showcase its products and/or services. We also have an ‘Events’ calendar showing you the most important places to be, if you are in this business. You are also invited to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news delivered straight to your inbox, free of cost. Kindly add your details here – we promise we won’t spam you!

Look forward to your active readership and support.

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