Interruption of door to door waste collection leading to garbage piles on Lucknow roads

Door-to-door garbage collection has stopped in many parts of the city, affecting around one lakh households as a section of sanitary workers of Eco-Green, the company hired for the job, has stopped reporting for duty due to lockdown and fear of catching coronavirus infection.

The Times of India reports that residents are forced to throw garbage in open. According to LMC records, of the total 5.48 lakh households in the city, EcoGreen has the responsibility of collecting daily garbage from 3.78 lakh households, while the civic body itself covers 1.7 lakh households. Around 60,000 are yet to covered under the door-to-door system.

LMC claimed that they are ensuring 100% garbage collection from 1.7 lakh households under it. Eco-Green officials said they are able to cover around 2.78 lakh units due to limited resources.

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