Jharkhand approves legacy waste clearance project

The Jharkhand cabinet has approved spending Rs 136 crore to remove 82 thousand metric tonnes of waste that has accumulated over the past 22 years in the Jhiri dumpyard, which spans 40 acres.

A Waste to Energy (WTE) project, worth Rs 200 crore that was supposed to be completed in November 2018, was abandoned because Mumbai-based Essel Infra Projects determined that Ranchi’s subpar source-waste segregation made it commercially unviable.

Prior to this, RMC had contracted with two companies—A2Z in 2011 and Essel Infra in 2015—to collect and dispose of the city’s rubbish and to establish a waste processing plant in Jhiri for producing fertilizer, eco-bricks, and power out of the dumped waste. It failed after the civic body fired both corporations for allegedly failing to complete their assigned obligations.

RMC had given GAIL India Limited the task of establishing a compressed biogas plant (CBG) in March 2021, but more than a year has passed after the contract was signed and there are still no indications that a CBG has been built.

Bio-mining, resource recovery, and plastic waste disposal are all part of the new disposal strategy, for which Rs 136 crore has been approved, reports lagatar.com

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