Kochi civic body resumes waste collection

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Waste collection has resumed in Kochi after a massive fire at the Brahmapuram waste management plant caused a halt in operations for almost ten days. However, many areas still have piles of garbage, causing health concerns.

Waste collection from apartment complexes has not resumed yet. The city corporation has started shifting waste to Brahmapuram, despite the government’s decision to not shift plastic waste there anymore.

The mayor has said that waste will now be collected directly from households, and the corporation will decide on resuming the treatment of bio-degradable waste at Brahmapuram after a council meeting. Protests are ongoing against the authorities for criminal negligence. A police investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing, reports The Times of India.

Meanwhile, Zonta Infratech, the company at the center of the Brahmapuram waste treatment plant controversy, has stated that the treatment of biodegradable and plastic waste is not its responsibility. The company issued an official communication stating that it is only responsible for biomining and capping at the plant, and that it has not received any letter from Kochi corporation, which it claims to have sent. However, the corporation health standing committee chairman confirmed that they had sent a letter to the contractor earlier, asking them to take safety measures and install firefighting equipment. Zonta denied all allegations and said it was in compliance with the contract agreement signed with Kochi Corporation.

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