Lucknow: 73 open dumping points to be closed

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation has announced it will close over 70 open dumping points in the city, following complaints by residents.

At present, workers dump waste collected from various localities at designated points across the city. The waste is then transported to the solid waste treatment plant at Shivri. Henceforth, civic officials said that garbage will be dumped directly onto trucks mounted with compactors. One truck has been allotted for each site. These compactors will crush the garbage to accommodate maximum possible waste in a single load and then transfer it to the treatment plant.

There are around 179 such dumping points in the city and approximately 1,600 metric tonnes of garbage is collected from these each day. The aim is to make the city free of all the open garbage dumping sites, Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia informed The Times of India.

Picture credit: Photo by Konstantin Shafikov from FreeImages

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