Mailhem Group and NWM to build one of India’s largest biogas plants in Bhopal

Mailhem Group and Nashik Waste Management will be jointly involved in executing India’s second-largest project on converting municipal solid waste to compressed biogas for the Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

The project has received a Rs 10 crore grant from UNIDO and will convert segregated organic MSW into compressed biogas for vehicles at gas pumping stations along with fertilizer for a 20-year concession period. 

The BioCNG plant by Mailhem and Nashik Waste Management will be located at the Adampur Chhawani landfill site. Bhopal Nagar Nigam recently signed the contract with Mailhem Group and UNIDO for the 200-ton plant.

Picture Credit: Taz, GI Market food waste, CC BY 2.0

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