Methane cloud over Mumbai waste facility shown at COP summit

Source: GHGSat

A methane cloud can be seen near a Mumbai waste facility in a recent high-resolution satellite image that was captured recently. The image is the second in a series of unique observations from emissions monitoring company GHGSat Inc. that Bloomberg Green will post at COP27.

The satellite image, which was captured on November 5 at 1:28 PM Mumbai time, shows a methane plume that GHGSat has identified as coming from an Indian dump. Methane emissions at this pace were predicted to be 1,328 kg per hour. According to the Montreal-based company, landfills frequently leak pollutants over extended periods of time.

The latest images were released as world leaders met this week in Egypt to discuss climate change policy and the UN issued a warning about the likelihood of a 1.15C global temperature increase in 2022.

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