MoU signed for Bandhwari WtE project

As reported by The Hindustan Times, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed for the Bandhwari WtE project on 14 October 2017. The involved parties were the local bodies of Faridabad (state of Haryana9 and Chinese company Ecogreen Energy Pvt Limited. The plan behind this MoU is to revitalise the Bandhwari WtE facility, which has been not working for more than 4 years. The local bodies also seek to inform the residents of the area about the importance of waste segregation at source to ensure the success of the project. Reportedly, door-to-door waste collection services in the area are to be introduced by December 2017.

Picture credit: फ़िलप्रो (Filpro)IN-HRCC BY-SA 4.0

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