Nagpur to set up C&D plant with REEL

Representational image by Ahmed akacha from Pexels

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will collect and repurpose construction and demolition (C&D) trash generated across the city on a daily basis. This is reportedly the first time in 158 years that the NMC is getting involved in C&D waste collection.

A letter of intent (LoI) has been issued to Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, now rebranded as ReSustainability Ltd, which will have a year to create a C&D waste recycling plant on a five-acre plot at Bhandewadi dumping yard.

The operator will set up the full infrastructure to collect the C&D trash, which is expected to be 150-200 MT per day, reports The Times of India. This will be used to produce sand, paver blocks and other usable items. The operator will be reportedly paid Rs 414 per MT by the civic authorities.

The operator will also have to set up a helpline number for citizens to call in order to have their C&D garbage removed. It will be able to collect fees from bulk trash generators such as contractors.

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