New waste collection system begins in Kozhikode

Representational image by Mumtahina Tanni on Pexels.

Kozhikode Corporation hopes to overcome one of its biggest challenges, waste segregation at source, with the launch of a new waste collection system on Monday.

With AZHAK, the Corporation hopes to inform and inspire the general public to participate in waste segregation at the source. AZHAK is a mass initiative for zero waste, improving happiness index and attitudinal change in waste management in Kozhikode.

Every ward in the Corporation has been divided into clusters of 50 houses each, and the Haritha Karma Sena (HKS) is launching a new organised system of doorstep waste collection.

Each of these clusters will have a club made up of ten houses, led by a cluster committee member. The members will be in charge of making sure that the waste is properly packed and separated. Each cluster will be overseen by two HKS members, and waste from each cluster will be collected on the same day each month.

The types of waste that would be collected each month are listed on a calendar that has been given to the locals. To mark the transaction, a user fee card has also been made available, reports The Hindu.

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