NPC releases assessment report on plastic pollution in four cities

The National Productivity Council (NPC) has released its assessment of plastic pollution by NPC in 4 cities – Prayagraj (Allahabad), Agra, Haridwar and Mumbai.

As per the NPCs data collated from 46 centres in Mumbai during the month of November 2019, out of 275.76 MT/day, the amount of plastic that gets collected and attempted to bring back into the value chain is approximately 32.6 MT/day. This amounts to 11.82% of the total dry waste generated in Mumbai per month.

Each day, Prayagraj generates 56 tonnes of plastic waste of which eight tons is directly disposed, openly burned or littered into streets and drains and finally finds its way in to the land and riverine eco system.

The study was designed to assess and quantify the plastic leakage in the city, identify the pathways and sources of plastic leakage, identify the dominant plastic categories in the plastic waste and explore counter measures to combat the plastic leakage scenario. You can read the highlights of the report on the NPC website here.

Picture Credit: Bo de Visser from FreeImages

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