Patna’s garbage crisis continues

The Patna Municipal Corporation workers’ strike has entered its fourth day. The workers are protesting against the state government’s decision to remove them instead of regularising their jobs, which had been their demand for a long time.

With the state government not ready to fulfil the demands of thousands of striking workers, garbage collection and removal services are badly hit, along with daily sweeping of city streets. Heaps of stinking garbage can be seen all around Patna. reports that striking workers also threw garbage, rotten fish and dead animals on the roads which lead to the corporation offices and the office of Patna’s Mayor.

The strike began on Monday, February 3 and here are reports that sanitation workers in all 143 municipal units in Bihar have also joined strike.

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Picture Credit: Heax18 (talk), Gandhi Maidan, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

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