Shimla WtE plant has still not reached its full energy generation capacity

The 1.5 MW WtE plant in Bhariyal, Shimla, has not reached its full energy generation capacity, although it has been two years since operations have commenced. As gasification machinery has not been installed yet, around 30 tonnes of RDF generated daily are sold to the Ambuja Cement Plant. Shimla and the surrounding cities dispose around 80 tonnes of waste at the plant daily . According to the municipal corporation, the contract with the operator was revoked due to incompletion of the plant. As reported by The Tribune, the plant was constructed after the National Green Tribunal criticised the state of garbage treatment and environmental pollution in Shimla. SMC developed facility with Elephant Energy Pvt Ltd, with an investment of INR 42 crores.

Picture Credit: Numerounovedant at English Wikipedia, Shimla, Mall Road, CC BY 3.0

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