TN establishes new check posts for controlling plastic waste dumping on coastline

Representational Photo by Dustan Woodhouse on Unsplash

To mitigate the negative impact of plastic waste on coastlines, the forest department and district administration have established special check posts in Ervadi. The Ramanathapuram district is known for its rich biodiversity, including five bird sanctuaries, a marine national park, a biosphere reserve, and three Ramsar sites.

The district’s 280 km coastline must be protected from plastic pollution, and the forest department plans to replicate the successful community-based plastic check post at JatayuTheertham in Dhanuskodi in other potential areas in the district. The forest and municipal administrations will provide the necessary support for the smooth functioning of the plastic check posts, which will include activities such as plastic waste collection, segregation, shredding, and recycling for road construction. All stakeholders, including fishermen and tourists, will be educated about plastic pollution.

A community-operated plastic check post will be established at Ervadi, modeled after the successful Jatayu Theertham initiative. The check post will charge an environmental fee of Rs 20 for cars and Rs 50 for buses, which will be used for area cleaning and eco-restoration works. Locally produced cloth bags will be provided to people after plastic bags are cleared from the area. Self-help groups will stitch these bags, and efforts are underway to eliminate plastic usage in protected areas in the district, reports The New Indian Express.

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