Update on Agra WtE project

A few months after a contract was signed between the Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) and Prague-based firm Spark Bresson Private Ltd. to set up a new WtE plant, new information has been disclosed and reported by the Times of India. According to Indian newspapers, another project for potable water, called the Gangajal project, seems to be closely intertwined with the WtE project. While the deadline for the Gangajal project was shifted from June 2017 to January 2018 by the local administration, it is to be expected that the Agra WtE project will also be delayed. This comes as a consequence of debates between the AMC and Spark Bresson Private Ltd. over the costs of the WtE project and the unit price of the electricity generated at the facility.

Picture credit: Agra Cantt. Railway Station, public domain

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