Update on Bhopal WtE plant

As stated by municipal commissioner Chhavi Bharadwaj, the WtE plant in the region of Bhopal, state of Madhya Pradesh, shall be set up within the next six months, the Times of India reports. The exact location of the facility shall be Adampur Chavni in the eastern region of Bhopal. The objective of the project is to incinerate unsegregated waste to create steam which generates electricity. It is undertaken by Essel Infra using pyrolysis technology. In the city of Bhopal, 1,000 metric tonnes of waste are produced every day. The capacity of the WtE plant remains unclear. The calorific value of Indian waste is 800-1,000 kcal (3,300-4,400 kJ/kg).

Picture credit: Mujeebcpy, Noha installation friend view from Bhopal lake, CC BY-SA 3.0

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