WtE plant planned in Matuail

According to The Daily Star, one of the two landfills serving Dhaka city, the Matuail landfill, is expected to reach its full capacity in a few years. The site is used by the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) to dispose of its MSW. Towards a better waste management practice, the corporation has earmarked EUR 91 million (INR 7.2 billion) for the expansion and development of the landfill. Presently, land acquisition is in progress and expected to be completed within a few months. According to the report, 50 acres will be used as a landfill, while 31 acres will be used for a WtE facility. 50% of the waste generated will be used in generating up to 35 MWel through incineration, while the other half of the waste will be used for producing RDF.

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