Bhatinda to introduce QR code scanner-based monitoring for SWM

Representational Image Aafrin Kidwai

The Bhatinda Municipal Corporation has decided to implement a waste management monitoring system based on QR codes. This low cost technology will help digitize information on waste pickup for around 75,000 residences within municipal borders.

Each unit will have a distinct ID that will allow local government officials and private property owners to access real-time data. The civic organization is getting ready to start the pilot project on January 26. Around 110 tonnes of municipal waste is generated daily in Bhatinda, the largest urban local body among seven districts in southwest Punjab. 328 sanitary workers are being engaged to collect and transport municipal waste, reports Hindustan Times.

There will be smart unique identification (UID) number plates with barcodes outside every property. Once established, the waste haulers will scan the QR code each time they pick up waste from a residence or unit.

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