Mumbai civic body to clear C&D waste

The BMC is preparing to address the issue of construction waste removal proactively. A request for proposals has been made by the Solid Waste Management (SWM) division to hire 16 JCB machines, 35 dumpers, and about 100 personnel.

The BMC had launched a “Debris on Call Service” in 2018. The facility allowed locals to pay a fee and ask BMC to lift debris by calling a certain number. But regrettably, this plan received little support. Now that BMC has made the decision to implement it strictly, a tender has been released for the hiring of machinery and equipment.

According to the BMC’s estimation, each day, roughly 1000 metric tonnes of building debris are produced. This enormous amount of equipment is being rented by the BMC in six different zones.

The officer added that residents with construction waste should get in touch with the ward office. The relevant office will go to the location and determine how much it will cost to remove the debris. In addition to additional supervision fees, the charges will range from Rs 350 to Rs 400 per dumper. Following payment, BMC employees will lift the material and discard it in the Deonar dump. Road debris found by BMC staff will likewise be removed as unclaimed debris, reports Free Press Journal.

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