Biogas Association urges Delhi govt to set up biogas plants in PPP mode

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The Indian Biogas Association (IBA) has urged the Delhi government to set up biogas plants under the public-private partnership (PPP) model at landfill sites in Delhi to deal with the problem of mounting solid waste in an environment-friendly manner. In a letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the IBA said, “Biogas plants can be set up under the PPP model.” 

The government can invite interested entrepreneurs to set up biogas plants at landfill sites, it suggested.
Indore is the best example of how setting up biogas plants at landfill sites can reduce the environmental impacts of landfills and also help municipalities save costs, it added. 

The IBA opined that biogas can help solve the landfill problem in Delhi by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and producing a clean and renewable source of energy. Further, it stated that it can help in making savings of Rs 750 crore by cost-effectively using the resources and through the generation of biogas and organic fertilizer.

The IBA has also urged for further consultations and deliberations on the issue to come up with a plan to set up biogas plants. The IBA also asked to be a part of the consultation process in the area of landfills and biomass waste treatment solutions. 

The biogas generated at the landfills can be used by the municipality to generate electricity or can be further processed to derive bio-CNG, a clean fuel that can be used to run public transportation, it stated. Municipalities are engaged in biomining and bioremediation, but the pace is too sluggish, it said. 

Municipalities will be able to eliminate legacy garbage more quickly and decrease the quantity of new waste disposed of daily by installing biogas plants at these locations, it added.

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