Tirupur steps up e-waste collection efforts

Representational image of electronic waste by John Cameron on Unsplash

To promote proper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste), the Tirupur city corporation has launched the “Nothing is Waste” campaign.

In collaboration with the NGO Thuppuravalan, the municipal corporation held an awareness camp at its main office where over 50 schoolchildren traded e-waste for cash. The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has given Thuppuravalan permission to treat e-waste.

Over 200kg of e-waste was also donated by the students. With the assistance of a few other NGOs, the civic organisation also managed to collect 780 kg of e-waste from the general public on that day.

The corporation is reportedly considering saving on labour costs and transportation expenses by hiring NGOs and private companies to handle e-waste. Authorised collection centres will also be established, reports The Times of India.

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