Chennai to install three additional incinerators

Greater Chennai Corporation has planned to install three more incinerators in the city.
Recently, the civic body called for tenders to supply, install and commission incinerators in Ambattur, Ayanavaram and Kodungaiyur. These incinerators will be able to process 100 tonnes of non-recyclable dry waste a day.

Through these incinerators, the corporation will be able to convert non-recyclable dry waste into fly-ash which may be used for making bricks. The corporation has instructed that the incinerator plants should follow relevant emission standards. Monitoring will be real-time with feeds being provided to Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board. The noise levels should not exceed 85 decibels one metre from the equipment surface, reports The Times of India.

This is part of a plan to ensure that fewer quantity of waste is sent to the city’s dumpyards in Kodungaiyur and Perungudi. Already, the corporation has begun to convert wet, bio-degradable waste into manure at micro-compost centres in the city.

According to official sources, around 5,200 tonnes of waste is generated in Greater Chennai Corporation limits across 15 zones. Official data shows that 68% of this waste comes from residential sources, 16% from commercial establishments, 14% from marriage halls, schools and other institutions and the remaining 2% from industries. Dry waste is 49% of the total waste generated, while remaining 51% is wet and organic.

Solid waste management rules, 2016, mandate that local bodies must process or recycle the waste. The techniques available include composting centres, biogas plants, bio-methanisation plants and incinerators for dry, non-recyclable waste.

Picture Credit: Ecoprog

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