CII’s International Conference on Waste to Worth concludes

The seventh edition of the International Conference on Waste to Worth was held in New Delhi on November 30. The theme of the conference was ‘Moving Towards a Circular Economy Through Innovative 3R Approaches.’

The international conference on Waste to Worth was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and was held under the aegis of the Office of the PSA, supported by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Efforts of 13 Indian companies and start-ups and two Municipal Corporations (MCs) with CII 3R Awards 2022 were recognized during the conference, according to the press release issued by CII. During the inaugural, Prof Ajay K Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, stated that they must leave the planet “much greener and much richer” than how they received it. He called making the planet greener and richer the responsibility of people towards future generations.

Ajay K Sood pointed out that the landfills around Delhi are now 200 feet and had caught over 75 fires in the past four years. Sood appreciated the efforts of Indore city for its effective waste management techniques. He emphasized that the waste market is expected to reach around USD 54 billion soon, which he insisted can be a “huge opportunity.”

In his speech, Sood highlighted the opportunities in the e-waste sector which he stressed cannot be ignored. He stated that the world is generating almost a billion worth of electronic waste that includes precious metals, gold, platinum, and others worth around 10 billion, according to the press release issued by CII. 

During the conference, discussion on various issues revolving around plastic and packaging wastes, e-waste recycling, market sustainability of Refuse Derive Fuel (RDF), best practices and innovative solutions for managing waste, policy, prospects, and problems in the solid waste sector in India.

Meanwhile, Martine Aamdal Bottheim, Minister Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Norway called India an “important partner” of Norway for economic and trade relations. Bottheim said that India and Norway are key players in the global transition towards sustainability.

In her address, Martine Aamdal Bottheim highlighted the transition from linear to circular that has been implemented by the Norwegian government by initiating the National Strategy for a Green Circular Economy.

Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chair, CII 3R Awards 2022 and Chairman of Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission, called for using approaches towards efficiently tackling the waste problem. Anil Kakodkar stressed that moving towards a circular economy is essential for tackling the issue of waste.

Disclaimer: This article is taken from a press release issued by CII.

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