Clean Kerala Co. reports substantial profit

Photo by Nature Photographer on Unsplash

Barely 20 months after starting operations, Clean Kerala Company Ltd. (CKCL), a project to eliminate waste generation by incorporating eco-friendly practices, has reported a profit of Rs. 5 crores.

The company, which is jointly owned by the state government of Kerala and local authorities, accomplished this feat by gathering 7,382 tonnes of recyclable waste. According to Managing Director Suresh Kumar, CKCL was also successful in gathering and selling 1,972 tonnes of e-waste to various recycling and processing facilities during this time. Even though it is believed that the profits have already reached Rs 5 crore, he added that the precise amount can only be determined once the final audit reports are received.

The Kerala government has a 26% stake in the firm, while the rest 74% is divided between the local self-government bodies across the state. Rs 53.5 crore was allocated to the company when the state decided to set up waste treatment facilities under “Rebuild Kerala” (the government initiative aimed at rebuilding infrastructure and roads after the 2018 floods), reports Times Now News.

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