Conditions fixed for Bandwhari WtE project

The state government of Haryana has fixed the conditions for the planned Bandwhari WtE project near Guragon. Accordingly, the state power department will purchase the proposed WtE plant’s power for INR 7.05 per unit (9.7 EURct), while the Municipal Corporation of Guragon (MCG) will additionally pay a subsidy of INR 12.95 (17.7 EURct). As stated by The Times of India, the lowest bid in the current tender process provided for a feed-in tariff of INR 20 (27.4 EURct) per unit. Furthermore, MCG would pay gate fees of INR 1,000 (13.7 €) per ton of waste. The INR 3.3 billion (EUR 45.2 million) WtE plant is planned to be located adjacent to a defunct waste treatment and RDF production site. Information on the technology to be applied has not been published yet.

Picture credit: फ़िलप्रो (Filpro), IN-HR, CC BY-SA 4.0

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