EDMC paints walls near landfill to improve Swachch Bharat rankings

East Delhi Municipal Corporation has started work on filling the walls opposite the closed Ghazipur landfill site with art in a bid to improve its Swacch Bharat rankings. In the Swachch Survey 2020, Ghazipur ranked 46th out of 47 cities in the category of cities with a population of more than 10 lakh. 

A senior official informed PTI, “In keeping with the Swachh survey 2021 and to spread the message of sanitisation and cleanliness, the walls of EDMC office next to the landfill sites are being painted with thematic art. The paintings depict messages like dumping garbage in dustbins only, separate garbage at source and cutting the use of plastic.” 

The landfill site was closed down in 2017 after an incident caused a heap of garbage to collapse. Post its closure, the waste from East Delhi was dumped at nearby places which amount to nearly 2500-2600 MT of garbage. The civic body is trying to get better rankings and the mayor of East Delhi Nirmal Jain informed that trammel machines have been put to work to separate plastics, soil wastes, and other refuse.

Picture Credit: D’Arcy Norman, Jardim Gramacho, CC BY 2.0

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