IWD 2022: Ramky’s all-women MSW team in Manali

Ramky has deployed an all-woman team in Zone 2, Manali

It’s been a year since Ramky Enviro launched a special pilot program comprising entirely of women workers to handle conservancy operations for Zone 2 in Manali, covering a 40 sq. km area. 

Ramky says this is the first-of-its-kind exclusive all-women MSW team in India, which is led by a woman as zonal head, supported by two-unit officers and 16 supervisors and 400 support staff (BOV drivers & sweepers) in the age group of 25-45 years.

This all-women’s team succeeded in setting benchmarks when it comes to achieving excellence in various perspectives. They became the first to achieve 100% bio-metric attendance compliance besides successfully adapting to the new technologies and giving their inputs for designing BOV (e-rickshaw). The team displayed excellence in terms of work by increasing the waste segregation activity from 40% to 70% in just two months.

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