Kozhikode Corporation submits proposal for WtE plant

New developments have occurred in connection with the proposal of a WtE project in the city of Kozhikode, Kerala, which was announced earlier this year. Kozhikode Corporation has now sent a proposal to Partner Kerala Mission, Kerala’s State government initiative for PPP projects. The corporation will provide the land for the future plant in Njeliyanparamba. There are currently two options. The first one seems to provide for a biogas plant for organic waste with another gasification unit for non-biodegradable waste, the second one for a WtE plant (apparently without AD unit) that could cost up to Rs. 200 Cr. (EUR 28.84 million). According to The Hindu, construction works for option 2 would take 2 years.

Picture credit: Bidhunkrishna, Calicut mini bypass, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Kozhikode Corporation submits proposal for WtE plant