MoHUA: Interventions to promote waste segregation at source

As part of its Azadi@75 Swacch Survekshan Toolkit, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has reiterated a few interventions which the ULBs can implement to promote waste segregation at the source. These include:

  • Ensure that provisions for setting up of centers for collection, segregation, and storage of segregated wastes, are incorporated in the building plan while granting approval of the building plan of a group housing society or market complex (as per SWM Rules 2016)
  • Awareness drives regarding waste segregation in households/ premises
  • DistributionoftwobinsshouldNOTbeapre-conditionforinitiatingsourcesegregationinthecity
  • All waste pickers should be trained to collect dry and wet waste separately
  • All waste collection & transportation vehicles to be compartmentalized/ separate vehicles to be deployed to ensure collection and transportation of segregated waste/ separate days are fixed for collection of dry and wet waste
  • Data regarding the amount of segregated waste collected and transported to be recorded daily
  • Ensure that segregation is maintained across the SWM chain, i.e. collection, transportation, and processing (waste should not be mixed at any stage)
  • In case doorto-door collection is outsourced to an agency, ULB should penalize the agency for the collection of unsegregated waste
  • Introduceincentiveschemesforonsitecompostingbyhouseholds/premises
  • Citymayaskhouseholdstofurthersegregatedrywaste(paper, plastic,etc.)at the household level before handing to ULB/collection agency

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