Mumbai mulls over capacity of second WtE plant

BMC Headquarters. Picture Credit: Vegpuff, Bombay Municipal Corporation, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Mumbai civic body (MCGM) has formed a committee to decide on the capacity of the second waste-to-energy plant to be built at the Deonar dumping ground.

The amount of waste created daily may alter gradually as the corporation plans to decentralise waste management and segregation in each ward, after which the committee will examine the need for the second waste-to-energy facility.

The first waste-to-energy plant in Deonar, which was sanctioned in December, is yet to see the light of day because the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has failed to issue a consent order (MPCB)m reports The Indian Express.

The BMC had issued a global Expression of Interest (EOI) in 2021 for the development of a second waste-to-energy plant including a treatment facility.

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