Post-Brahmapuram fire, Kochi is trying to clean up better

Photo by Collab Media on Unsplash

The Kerala government’s efforts to manage waste at the source are yielding positive results, as both the quantity of biodegradable waste gathered from the city and the amount reaching the Brahmpuram waste disposal site have decreased considerably. The Kochi Corporation reports that the volume of bio-waste dumped at the site has decreased to 70 tonnes per day following the recent fire incident, while only 50 tonnes of waste are collected from within the city limits. Prior to the event, the amount of garbage dumped at the site was between 230 and 250 tonnes per day.

While the decision by the civic body to halt the collection of waste from hotels and commercial institutions is believed to have had a significant impact, officials believe that the installation of bio-bins has also played a crucial role in reducing the amount of waste collected. The government’s initiative to promote waste management at the source has been well received.

The government has decided to stop waste collection from apartments by April 30, requiring flat owners’ associations to devise their own waste treatment method, reports The New Indian Express.

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