Rajasthan plans to add AD plant at 2,800 cow shelters

The government of Rajasthan plans to build biogas plants at more than 2,800 gaushalas (cow shelters) in the state at costs of INR 10 million (EUR 124,000) each, according to the Daily News and Analysis. As further stated, the aim is to make the shelters financially independent, as each biogas unit could generate earnings up to INR 3 million (EUR 37,435) per year. The source also provides an update on Rajasthan’s June 2018 announcement to erect 25 cow shelter AD plants by the end of the year. Five projects have already been started. 70% of the income will go to the government and 30% to the gaushalas. As further reported, each AD plant would produce 200 units of electricity, 200 kg of gas and 10 metric tonnes of fertiliser.

Picture credit: exemplary Indian cow shelter, Sarbjit Bahga, Goshala at Chandigarh, CC BY-SA 4.0

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