Union Minister: ‘Waste to Wealth’ a new avenue for Indian businesses

Representational image by Mumtahina Tanni on Pexels.

According to Union Minister Jitendra Singh, businesses in India are finding new opportunities through “waste to wealth,” the Ministry of Science and Technology reported on Saturday.

In a statement released by the ministry, Singh spoke at a national “Waste to Wealth” seminar that was part of the “Ek Kaam Desh ke Naam” initiative. At the seminar, business leaders from all over India, including Kerala, Haryana, Gujarat, and Odisha, were recognized for their outstanding use of cutting-edge technologies for converting waste into wealth in order to create jobs, income, and new opportunities for startups.

Singh echoed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mention of Amrit Kaal and predicted that India’s economy will experience a rapid boom over the next 25 years thanks to the exploitation of resources that have either gone untapped in the past or could not be used due to a lack of technology to recycle garbage.

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