Update on Astoli WtE project

New information has been revealed on the progress of the planned WtE plant at Astoli, near Noida, Uttar Pradesh region. On Moday, March 20th, 2017, Noida’s authorities started initiating a tender process for the selection of an operater for the envisioned facility. Construction of the plant is supposed to start right after the tender has been terminated and is expected to cost around USD 29 million. As reported by The Hindustan Times, the electricity capacity of the plant should lie at 5 MW, as was stated by state officials, and the plant is going to be built under a pupblic-private partnership (PPP). Moreover, the city plans to attach both a compost plant and an RDF plant that shall produce 150 tpd to the compound as well, at an additional combined cost of USD 8.5 million.

Picture credit: waste bunker at WtE plant, image by ecoprog

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