Bihar: Tobacco generates 5k tonnes of plastic waste each year

Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day on Tuesday, the Bihar health department started a three-week anti-tobacco awareness campaign. According to a fact sheet, tobacco produces 5,844 tonnes of plastic garbage in Bihar each year.

Deepak Mishra, executive director of the Socio-Economic and Educational Development Society (SEEDS), shared how tobacco usage had a negative influence on the environment. Mishra gave a breakdown of the plastic trash generated in the state as a result of various types of tobacco: cigarette (35 tonnes), bidi (316 tonnes), and smokeless tobacco (5,492 tonnes)

Mishra stated that the All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Jodhpur performed a study on this, with technical assistance from the Centre. The research was carried out in 17 states, with 200 different types of tobacco packages and pouches collected from various districts. Plastic, wrappers, and filter goods used in tobacco were weighed during the investigation. It was then compared to data from the 2016-17 Global Youth Tobacco Survey, reports The Times of India.

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