Kerala to support local bodies in SWM

Picture credit: by Derzno, CC BY 3.0,

The Kerala government has begun supporting local bodies in finding scientific waste management solutions in an effort to rid the state’s metropolitan areas of solid garbage. Grants, scientific waste data collection, technical support, and project monitoring will all be provided by the Local Self Government Department. Local governments can use the basic grant to improve and reinforce their waste management systems. The money will be given if the waste management initiatives presented by the local governments are approved.

According to a statement from the office of Minister for Local Self-Government M V Govindan, they can also utilise the money to conduct various solid waste treatment initiatives customised to their local needs. A scientific analysis of the amount of garbage created in each area must be identified in order to make preparations. The agency has opted to work with Keltron, a state-owned public utility, to conduct geographic information system (GIS) mapping in all metropolitan local governments to determine the amount of garbage generated each day in residences, businesses, markets, schools, and workplaces.

The mapping was performed in Thalassery municipality on a trial basis. The minister has also ordered that the other 92 municipalities finish the process within four months. In the first phase, land cleanup works have commenced in locations where waste has historically been dumped. For this reason, thirty-four legacy trash disposal sites have been identified in various areas. “In the future, new sites will be identified and reclaimed as part of the initiative in each municipality.” The lands will be reclaimed by separating the mixed trash heaps that have gathered here over the years and treating and disposing of them without causing any environmental, health, or social issues,” according to the statement.

The State Project Management Unit (SPMU) will help municipalities implement the plan, reports The New Indian Express.

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