Chandigarh: Rs 118 earmarked for SWM

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has earmarked Rs 118 crore for the management of solid waste in the upcoming financial year, the highest amount under the capital expenditure segment of the ULB’s budget.

Out of the total, Rs 107 crore is for new works, and the remaining Rs 11 crore is for ongoing works. Rs 40 crore is earmarked as a viability gap fund for the construction of a new garbage waste processing plant. Rs 20 crore is kept for the bioremediation of legacy waste.

The old waste processing plant was overhauled so that 200 tonnes of wet waste and 200 tonnes of dry waste can be processed daily. It is also proposed to process the remaining wet waste to treat 150-200 tonnes per day of wet waste generated in the city. The work of biomining of legacy waste has also started. To address the long-term waste management needs of the city for 25 years, an integrated solid waste management plant is planned, the MC has said in its budget.

Senior UT officials have been meeting regularly to assess the ongoing projects and their progress, reports The Times of India.

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