Chennai: Rs 7 lakhs worth collected as fine in two weeks for illegal waste dumping

Representational image by Aafrin Kidwai

The Greater Chennai Municipal Corporation (GCMC) has collected penalties worth approximately Rs. 7 lakh during the last two weeks from those caught dumping waste in public places.

According to a statement released by the GCMC, a campaign was held in the city from March 20 to April 3.

“People who plastered wall posters in public locations were fined Rs 50,200 during the drive. The city council is enforcing sanctions against the posters on the walls,” the press release said, according to

The civic body noted that posters and paintings on city walls are being removed to build murals related to the state’s cultural and historical significance.

“Those found dumping waste in public locations have been fined a total of roughly Rs 7 lakh by GCMC in the previous two weeks. Meanwhile, people who dumped garbage in public locations were fined Rs. 2,65,400, while people who dumped construction debris in unapproved areas were fined Rs. 3,83,750. A penalty of Rs. 6,99,350 was collected in total between March 20 and April 3,” according to the announcement.

Those who dump construction waste and garbage, as well as those who paste posters in public places would face similar consequences, according to the city authority.

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